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South Florida Weddings

Connecting the South Florida
Wedding Community

Welcome to South Florida Weddings, a companion website to the South FL Weddings Facebook Group. Here, you will find enjoyable and helpful content, ways to connect the perfect team for couples and wedding vendors. Check back often as we add new features and continue to grow! We appreciate your support.

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More About our FB Group

Admins: Bud and Katrina Fleisher

The South Florida Weddings Facebook Group was founded in 2014 by Bud Fleisher (aka "DJ Buddy" and "Reverend Buddy") as a space for couples, wedding vendors, and others to connect: a place where real people can communicate quickly with genuine information, advice, and assistance.

The group has grown to be one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing groups on the platform! Thank you for continuing to make our Facebook Group a helpful, QUALITY resource! Your support means the world! Keep an eye on this website for fantastic new features and content, and get in touch any time!

Bud and Katrina Fleisher of South Florida Weddings
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