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Frequently Asked Questions

"Ask Bud"

Why should I advertise when the Facebook group is FREE?


You immediately get benefits like pre-approval for your posts, leads, better web visibility, and recognition, including a rotating weekly spotlight on the Facebook group and other companion social accounts.  


The SFW Website has limited top-tier advertising. Will that expand?

Eventually, yes. The group and website take time to manage, and we are at capacity until we can hire an additional partner. Currently, the website and the group are managed by a small team of four people, including myself and my wife. Everything is carefully curated and monitored personally.


That sounds like a lot of time and effort. Why Bother?

If you don’t already know the history of the group, it was created so we ALL would not be subject to expensive wedding-related websites. A decade ago, I spent over 4 thousand dollars on a wedding website and got back just 6 thousand dollars in events. That means my pay for each night was 1/3 of my regular fee. I would have been better off doing only two events at full price and staying home the other four!


Why wouldn’t I just spend my money on Google?

You can do that, but if you’re spending less than $1,000 monthly, you likely won’t get much return. We are reinvesting much of South Florida Weddings’ revenue back into proper advertising channels including Google Ads. We are also good at Search Engine Optimization, Meta-tagging, and more.


Hey Bud, you’re in a related vendor category, why would I advertise here?

Because South Florida is a large and diverse area, and there is enough business for everyone. In fact, I was contacted to advertise FIRST by a fellow DJ, and I like him a lot! I wish he lived next door to me. He would be my first call when I’m overbooked or need a hand. That is why the tiers are limited. You will likely get to know these people. My hope is that we all do business together and become friendly.


Will I get a badge noting that I’m a preferred vendor/advertiser?

You bet! You will get a badge to display on your website (or anywhere else) that is meta-tagged, noting you are an official partner of the website and group!


What if someone simply snags the badge and uses it to promote themselves?

We got this. With over TWENTY THOUSAND members, I’ve found there’s no shortage of people willing to reach out and report trouble.


When will I get my leads list? (Premium)

Top-tier advertisers will have access to the group link immediately, which has EVERY vendor, couple, and their contact information listed.


Does the leads link expire? (Premium)

Yes. To stay organized the leads link will be available for 30 days. After that, it’s gone. We highly recommend downloading it to a savable file immediately.


Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. I, too, am a service provider, and I didn’t appreciate being locked into an advertising contract that wasn’t working for me, and I don’t want anyone feeling that way about South FL Weddings or ME. This is why we only accept credit cards, debit, and direct transfers. YOU have recourse. We hope you stay with us forever because this is local and personal, and we’re likely to become friendly, but hey, it’s cool. Just give us 30 days’ notice, and we’ll take care of it.


Do you offer any discount?

No, sorry, it’s already a bargain.

May I share the group’s lead list?

NO. People are working their businesses very hard and deserve recognition and respect for that. Enforcing this is difficult but karma has a way of taking care of it. There are spam laws in place, and an especially perturbed recipient of unsolicited contact can make life miserable. I know this personally as I had to pay EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS IN 2004 in fines after using what I thought was a legitimate lead list from a now-defunct bridal show promoter (about 14 grand in 2024 dollars).


Besides advertising, how can I help?

Send photos and videos of your work (please use links to Dropbox or similar when sharing rather than attachments) and we will add them to a variety of our internet spaces like Google search and more.


WHY are YOU doing this?

Being in this industry since 1985, I believe it has kept me healthy, happy, and independent from a traditional work environment.  I’ve never been one to “live for the weekend”, I make the weekend. I LOVE being “DJ Buddy” and spreading joy and will continue to do so for as long as people will have me!  But lately, I have curtailed my performance schedule a bit, as I am married to my amazing wife, and we have a young son. I love them both more than I thought was possible, and I simply want to spend more quality time with them. Nearly 40 years in this industry has kept me from being present on many personal occasions, and that is time I won’t get back.  

I am also hoping to build this into something to help others in the industry for a fraction of traditional costs and to build something of a personal and professional legacy.


I hope you will join us on this journey as we grow, build, and move forward.


All the Best,


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